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Stratus Solutions

No matter the industry, companies are under unprecedented pressure to optimise business performance and efficiency. Automation and modernisation are key – and downtime or lack of security are not an option. You work in an “Always-On World”.

Stratus solutions collect and analyse data at the source – the Edge of your core business processes. Whether you manage an assembly line, an oil and gas pipeline, water treatment plant, a smart building process, or biotechnology and device organisation, you need to turn data into actionable results. Far from the cloud or your data centre, decisions and actions need to be made at the edge, in real time with the right information, in the right place.

Our solutions and platforms are simple to install and implement, they operate autonomously with constant availability in rugged environments, and can protect your data, security, and reputation – at the Edge of your business. Stratus solutions are Simple, Protected, Autonomous.

ztC Edge Ideal for running business-critical industrial applications quickly, easily and reliably, in decentralized locations with limited to no IT resources. Learn More Solution for: The Edge Simple


ftServer ftServer is a fully integrated continuously available platform that helps companies maximize revenue, quality, and productivity. Learn More Solution for: Continuous Availability Simple


everRun Quickly transform your applications into continuously available solutions with customized application availability, accelerating time to revenue. Learn More Solution for: Application Availability Simple


V Series Stratus systems are more than capable. Stratus ftServer V Series is specifically engineered for your most demanding mission-critical TPS (transaction processing systems) workloads. Learn More Solution for: Continuous Processing Simple



Industries Optimising the Edge

Across industries and global organisations,
Edge Computing is driving seismic business change

Oil & Gas


Food & Beverage

Water & Wastewater

Power & Utilities



Smart Building

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