Unmatched reliability, performance, and scalability for your high-volume transactions

Certain applications, like those that power payment processing, trading, and reservation systems, can place unusually high demands on IT infrastructure. It’s not enough to be available 24x7x365. It also need to process thousands of transactions per second, support thousands of concurrent users, and respond within milliseconds. General purpose hardware, with general purpose operating systems, are generally insufficient to support these types of extreme requirements.

Stratus systems are more than capable. Stratus ftServer V Series is specifically engineered for your most demanding mission-critical TPS (transaction processing systems) workloads. Purpose-built hardware with highly tuned OpenVOS operating system software provide unmatched availability, and deliver the scalability and performance required for high-volume transaction processing.

Infrabel chose to stick with Stratus and go with the top range V Series, … doing so with zero impact on the running of the railway network at minimal cost and maximum speed

Erik DevriendtSenior Consultant, Siemens Industry Solutions Division

Key benefits

Meet your mission-critical performance and availability SLAs:

No unplanned downtime:

Ensure application availability, even when hardware components fail

No data loss:

Process every single transaction. Protect the integrity of both committed and in-flight data

Rapid and consistent response:

Achieve consistently fast performance across varying system utilization levels

Simplified management and service:

Save time and effort with automated monitoring, issue diagnosis, and parts ordering of customer replaceable units

Companies maximizing performance with V Series

Key features

Supports high-volume transaction processing applications which require continuous availability:

Lockstepped system with fully redundant hardware:

Proprietary hardware and software enable fully redundant subsystems, which run in parallel to avoid performance degradation in the event of hardware failure

OpenVOS operating system:

POSIX compliant fault-tolerant architecture specifically designed for rapid, high-volume transaction processing, maximizes availability and performance

Active service architecture:

Self-monitoring and self-diagnosing solution automatically initiates the next day delivery of correct repair parts

Hot swappable customer replaceable units (CRUs):

Subsystems that are designed to be replaced by IT generalists are automatically resynchronized when reinserted

Secure kernel:

Proprietary, closed source kernel manages access to file system objects on a per-user basis


Select the continuously available transactions processing platform that’s right for you:

V Series 2404, 2608

For stable, standalone applications in remote offices, branch offices

V Series 4408, 4612

For rapidly changing or growing applications in regional data centers

V Series 6408, 6512, 6616

For high performance processor and data intensive applications in corporate data centers


A variety of services and certified options are available to enhance and extend your V Series solutions:


Assured Availability includes comprehensive managed support services, including same day, on-site emergency response


Hybrid storage array comes with V Series, and is also available as a separate expansion option


Easily leverage your existing EMC arrays for additional capacity with this certified storage gateway

V Series Software

Layered software products are available to help you more efficiently customize, monitor and manage your V Series environment

V Series resources

Application Availability
Cost of Downtime
Fault Tolerant
High Availability

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