When HMI/SCADA systems go down, your operation becomes blind, creating havoc with OEE, ROA & other KPIs.

Modern computer technologies such as virtualization and fault-tolerant servers are being effectively used to eliminate unplanned outages while simultaneously streamlining operations and preparing for the coming wave of IIoT applications.

Understand from real-world experiences of peers who have upgraded their automation computer assets to incorporate virtualization and fault-tolerant servers to eliminate unplanned downtime, prevent data loss and prepare for IIoT.

This Webinar highlights:

  • Key causes and impacts of unplanned downtime
  • Challenges with traditional HMI/SCADA deployments
  • Why fault tolerant servers are a critical part of a virtualized solution
  • Real world zero downtime stories

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Featured Speakers

John Fryer
Senior Director, Industry Solutions

John Fryer is the Senior Director Industry Solutions at Stratus Technologies, where he is responsible for go-to-market strategies and industry initiatives across all the company’s product lines. He has over 25 years of experience with systems and software products in a variety of engineering, marketing and executive roles at successful startups and major companies, including Motorola, Emerson Network Power and Oracle. His experience includes more than 15 years working with high-availability solutions for the enterprise, automation and networking industries.

Robert Landick
Vice President, CB Pacific, Inc.

Robert has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, manufacturing systems, data collection, and analysis. During his tenure at CB, Robert has led projects in wastewater, power generation, APM, and MES. Prior to CB Pacific, Robert was President of Instrumentation Northwest, specializing in the development and deployment of digital data collection technologies to feed high resolution hydrology models at DOE waste sites.

Stephanie Neil
Moderator, Automation World