ARC Advisory Group’s Vice President of Consulting, Craig Resnick, discusses current trends, need-to-know guidance, and best practice approaches used by your peers to address today’s most pressing production challenges.

This webinar explores solutions to critical manufacturing operational challenges facing food & beverage manufacturing, including how to:

  • Ensure product quality and safety, and increase efficiency
  • Improve data collection for regulatory documentation and compliance
  • Create digital transformation strategies for operational excellence
  • Simplify your IT/OT infrastructure to reduce risk
  • Optimize production by integrating information and disparate equipment silos

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Featured Speaker

Craig Resnick
Industry Expert, ARC Advisory Group

Craig has 35 years’ experience in sales, marketing, product development, and project management in the industrial market, gained with major suppliers of PLCs, process control systems, power transmission equipment, and field devices. Craig has been with ARC for since 1999.