Industry expert, Craig Resnick of ARC Advisory Group, delivers straight talk on industrial automation and manufacturers biggest nemesis, unscheduled downtime.

This analyst webcast delivers need-to-know guidance on “must haves” for OT leaders looking to maximize the ROI of their automation systems by eliminating any unscheduled downtime.

Understand how IT and OT convergence can align to deploy the best solution for you—one that fits into existing systems, supports standards including OPC, and delivers ROI—while laying the foundation to support modern technologies, such as virtualization and IIoT. View this Webinar to learn:

  • OT Business Drivers—Simplicity, TCO, and avoiding unscheduled downtime
  • OT/IT Convergence—Best practices to engage with IT
  • Support for Modern Technologies—IIoT, Virtualization, Cloud
  • Customer Successes—Real world zero downtime stories

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Featured Speaker

Craig Resnick
Industry Expert, ARC Advisory Group

Craig has 35 years’ experience in sales, marketing, product development, and project management in the industrial market, gained with major suppliers of PLCs, process control systems, power transmission equipment, and field devices. Craig has been with ARC for since 1999.