The demand to increase efficiency, do more with less, and prepare for a new wave of technology influenced by IIoT, is steadily increasing the pressure on automation and control system engineering. While complete automation infrastructure upgrade projects are long and expensive, modernizing SCADA control systems can yield important improvements within the existing framework. The challenges are knowing where to start, how to avoid swapping one set of challenges for a whole set of new unknowns, and achieving a smooth migration without disrupting operations.

In this webinar, John Fryer, Senior Director of Industry Solutions for Stratus Technologies, will discuss:

  • Why modernizing your control system platforms is a key step for the future
  • Key considerations for updating automation control infrastructures
  • Best practices in realizing a modern industrial control system
  • The ease of updating existing applications and adding new ones
  • How a modern industrial control system simplifies your life and increases efficiency

The webinar will also touch on technologies and strategies that are critical to realizing a modern industrial control infrastructure, including:

  • Virtualization as the underpinning for a simplified and cost-effective control system infrastructure
  • Utilizing best practices for protecting virtual environments to simplify redundancy
  • Preventing application degradation and failures that consume time and resources
  • Understanding key success factors, including:
    • The speed of recovery after a platform failure
    • Protecting your system against data loss
    • Integrating with existing environments
    • Ease of use factors
    • Optimizing TCO
    • Laying the groundwork for future applications and IIoT

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Our Speaker

John Fryer
Senior Director Industry Solutions, Stratus Technologies

John Fryer is the Senior Director Industry Solutions at Stratus Technologies, where he is responsible for go-to-market strategies and industry initiatives across all the company’s product lines. He has over 25 years of experience with systems and software products in a variety of engineering, marketing and executive roles at successful startups and major companies, including Motorola, Emerson Network Power and Oracle. His experience includes more than 15 years working with high-availability solutions for the enterprise, automation and networking industries.