ARC Advisory Group, Principal Consultant, Janice Abel discusses current trends and best practice approaches used by your peers to accelerate the flexible production of innovative medicines with the utmost consistency, efficacy and patient safety.

This webinar explores how pharmaceutical and biotech companies are dealing with a mix of traditional, complex and emerging modern manufacturing processes and technologies.

You will learn how to:

  • Ensure product quality and safety, and increase efficiency
  • Improve data collection for regulatory documentation and compliance
  • Create future-ready digital transformation strategies for operational excellence
  • Simplify your IT/OT infrastructure to reduce risk and enable smart, connected manufacturing
  • Optimize production by integrating information and disparate equipment silos

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Featured Speaker

Janice Abel
Principal Consultant, ARC Advisory Group

Janice has done extensive research and consulting on automation technologies spanning the entire spectrum of process and manufacturing industries. Her experience includes over 25 years of helping both suppliers and end user clients develop strategic plans to market, adopt, and use technologies. She has been doing research and consulting for the chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, consumer products, medical devices, and other industries throughout most of her professional career.