New ftServer 2900, 4900, and 6900 Models for VMware, Windows and Linux

Designed specifically for your virtualized business-critical workloads, our latest ftServer systems deliver faster application performance, improved serviceability, and greater versatility. ftServer is the ideal platform for consolidating your physical server infrastructure, and ensuring the availability of your virtualized Windows and Linux applications. Upgrade to ftServer for VMware, Windows and Linux to accelerate time to value, maximize revenues, and increase operational efficiency.

ftServers are the best for easy maintenance and ensuring HA

Siddalinga MurthyApplication Manager, JSW Steel Limited

Key features and enhancements

Intel Xeon Silver 4114 and Gold 6127M processors
With up to 16 cores per processor and 32 threads per socket, these latest systems are up to 36% faster than previous generations, ensuring the performance and availability of your most data and compute intensive applications.

Faster, higher bandwidth memory
ftServer now includes faster, higher bandwidth DDR4 memory, for improved scalability and performance.

Enhanced Serviceability
More comprehensive self-diagnostic algorithms incorporating DIMM health checks, combined with updated error handling procedures, reduce the number of false positives and negatives.

ftServer Resources

Application Availability
Cost of Downtime
Fault Tolerant
High Availability

ftServer 2900, 4900, 6900 family systems

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