Building Security Systems Need Reliable Continuous Availability

“Always on” is the only option

Imagine this: A breach in your building security systems creates havoc in a heavily-trafficked area. What do you do? Of course you react immediately – you have top-notch security and automation systems. But what if the server-dependent system goes down—how would you even be aware of the emergency without a reliable continuous availability solution?

A security system can only provide protection if it’s up and running at all times. That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable availability solution. If video monitoring systems, access control, or other building security systems go down due to a server outage, it can mean costly, dangerous, and potentially life-threatening consequences.

With a nonfunctional security system, there would be no way of knowing about other breaches or emergencies, or to quickly alert employees of a mandatory evacuation. How would you explain lost lives due to ignorance of a crisis?

Read on to learn about availability, the exact risks of server downtime, the less obvious costs you can incur, and the different types of continuous availability solutions you can use to protect your organization.