Automation & Building Security Systems Need Zero Downtime

Why the threat of downtime should be keeping you up at night.

Your plan B just isn’t good enough. learn why—and what to do about it.

Server downtime is an issue that many organizations struggle with. But when it comes to building security and automation systems, you simply can’t afford to risk any downtime. Naturally, a security system can only provide protection if it’s up and running 24/7/365. If video monitoring systems, access control, or other building security systems go down, it can mean costly, dangerous, and potentially life-threatening consequences.

Perhaps you think if your server goes down, you can easily manage security concerns by redeploying security staff. But how will you know there is an emergency without a working alert system or video cameras? How will you open automated doors in a re? How will you explain if people lose their lives because you didn’t know a crisis was occurring?

This is why relying on a plan B in an emergency just isn’t good enough. It’s crucial to be sure your servers are up and running all the time with a reliable availability solution. In this paper you’ll learn all about availability, the exact risks of server downtime, the less obvious costs you can incur, and the different types of availability solutions you can use to protect your organization.

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