Stratus everRun Software

Affordable, easy-to-manage software to support your always-on applications

If you were asked to come up with a list of applications that absolutely had to be continuously available, odds are that you would not struggle to build the list. Most likely, your list has grown over the last few years—and
it continues to grow. At Stratus, we’ve seen the need for always-on applications become more pervasive across all markets, and all industries globally. But what’s driving this demand? The obvious reasons are financial losses and long-term damage to an organization’s reputation when businesses go down.

  • Proactive risk avoidance with constant replication to prevent downtime
  • Protection against localized power failures, building-wide problems or physical machines failures
  • Satisfied business requirements and optimized resource utilization
  • Continuous application availability without configuration complexity
  • Low TCO through industry-standard infrastructure and flexible storage options
  • Downtime eliminated with the added benefit of virtualization

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