Solution brief

ftServer® V-Series 6616 system

Continuous availability with stability and power for VOS applications

The Stratus ftServer V-Series 6616 System delivers continuous availability with high performance in an operationally simple solution for VOS Applications.

Key Benefits

Continuous processing features

  • Like other Stratus systems, V-Series servers use Continuous Processing technology to safeguard availability without the operational complexity and added costs inherent in high-availability clusters. Built-in fault tolerance eliminates the failover scripting, repeated testing and application changes required with server clusters.

Lockstep technology

  • With Stratus’ lockstep technology, replicated, fault-tolerant hardware components process the same instructions at the same time. In the event of a component malfunction, the partner component acts as an active spare that continues normal operation. There is no system downtime and no data loss.

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