The High Availability Server Journey: From Backup to Fault Tolerant

99% sounds pretty complete in theory, but imagine if only 99% of your orders shipped. For IT, 99% availability translates into 1 hour and 41 minutes of downtime per week.  That’s about twice the downtime a 99.99% availability solution has in a year (52 minutes 33.6 seconds)! This is why a high availability server is a must.

For 54% of business surveyed, anything below 99.99% availability is unacceptable1

Look at the availability solutions in this infographic to find out how downtime affects organizations, calculate your current yearly downtime risk, and decide what availability protection level your systems, applications and data require.

  1. This High Availability infographic depicts the current high availability options in the marketplace from stand-by servers with back-up to fault-tolerant servers. It includes high-availability statistics, cost of downtime estimates, complexity, costs, ROI and average uptime for standard servers, back-up, continuous replication, virtualization, HA Software and fault tolerant servers.

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