Case study

Virtual Servers & Application Uptime: U.S. Regional Bank

Stratus Avance software helps Southeast U.S. bank keep its promise of real-time response to customers

The banking crisis of 2009 shuttered many regional banks, but others survived because their books were in order and they had cultivated customer loyalty with better service than large national banks or local boutique banks could provide. Real-time transaction processing is one convenience bank customers expect. If they make a deposit or sign up for a service, the bank wants the transaction completed immediately. That puts a high premium on application uptime for service and sales apps running at branches and main offices.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

Regional bank needed secure, reliable access to teller and sales applications in the data center.
IT implemented the applications running in virtual servers on Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 and SQL® Server 2008. The operating system and database runs on two Dell® servers running Stratus® Avance® high-availability software.
The bank has had zero unscheduled down- time since implementing the Avance solution.


Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Teller and sales software


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