Case study

Ruhrkohle AG (RAG)

Stratus guaranteeing continuous and reliable operations at Auguste Victoria coal mine

For most industries entering the final stages of their life cycle, investment in infrastructure would be nonsensical. For Ruhrkohle AG (RAG), Germany’s leading domestic coal producer, it was absolutely essential. Lives, landscapes, livelihoods, equipment, reputation and income depended upon it.

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Solution Profile

  • Controlling and regulating the operating systems at Ruhrkohle AG’s (RAG’s) coal mine, Auguste Victoria, is a highly critical task. Lives, landscapes, livelihoods, equipment, business and reputations depend upon it. RAG protects its systems using fault-tolerant Stratus servers. The 38 Stratus servers have not failed once since migrating in 2003.


  • Stratus® ftServer® systems
  • Siemens® Simatic/WinCC

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