Case study

Pushing the Limits on Unplanned Downtime for SAP Software: Rexam BCNA

Perfect plants depend on SAP software and Stratus servers to address planned and unplanned downtime

When a consumer pops the top on a refreshing beverage, there’s a good chance the can was manufactured by Rexam—the world’s biggest maker of beverage cans and the fourth largest consumer packaging company. The global company’s largest business is Rexam Beverage Can North America (BCNA), based in Chicago. In this case study, see how SAP software and Stratus servers addressed Rexam’s planned and unplanned downtime.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

“Lean MES” distributes key transactions to plants
Addresses planned and unplanned downtime with local survivability
Integrates seamlessly with SAP R/3 software
Supports world-class quality and efficiency


Platform for 17-site deployment (per site):
(1) Stratus® ftServer® system for SAP xMII
(1) ftServer system for Plant Analytics
(1) ftScalableTM storage for Plant Analytics
Installation, training, remote monitoring and maintenance services
SAP xMII composite application
Oracle® 10i database
Acumence Plant Analytics Server
Microsoft® Windows Server® OS


Tata Consultancy Services

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