Case study

Putting Continuous Availability to the Test: Retail

Retail chain finds continuous availability with Stratus Avance software

One of the largest specialty food store chains in the U.S. operates 23 stores spread across seven states. The stores farthest from company headquarters are at least an eight hour drive away. Without IT people at the stores, the distance makes it challenging to assure availability for the business-critical applications and ordering systems running at each location.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Delivers continuous availability for critical applications and ordering servers at stores
  • Prevents outages from causing data loss with automatic live migration
  • Provides redundancy for 66% to 75% lower cost than a small SAN, saving thousands per store
  • Lets IT manage alerts and high availability centrally


  • Stratus® Avance® high-availability software
  • Dell® servers
  • Microsoft Windows Server® operating system
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® database


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