Case study

Virtualized Servers & Uptime Assurance | Lengede Township, Germany

Lengede deploys Stratus Avance software for reliable, affordable uptime assurance

The township of Lengede virtualized its servers with Stratus Avance® software to ensure the uptime of critical applications. The most important advantages for the township’s administration: The solution was installed within a few minutes and requires only minimal ongoing maintenance.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Provides automatic high availability exceeding 99.99% and embedded virtualization for standard x86 servers
  • Prevents downtime and data loss: includes automated 24/7 monitoring, fault detection, and management
  • Provides 24/7 access to business applications from a single management console
  • Support for multiple virtual Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® machines through embedded virtualization
  • Risk-free virtualization and server consolidation delivered by a platform-independent high- availability solution
  • Reduced cost and complexity compared with traditional or virtualized IT environments through a solution that’s easy to install, use, and administer



  • MTS Systemhaus

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