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Automotive Manufacturing & Stratus ftServer Systems: Isuzu Motors Limited

Reliable, scalable manufacturing execution with Stratus® ftServer® systems

One of the world’s largest automotive manufacturing producers of trucks, Tokyo-based Isuzu Motors Limited, is also a leader in manufacturing diesel engines for trucks and buses. Isuzu’s facility in Fujisawa, Japan is one of the company’s main production points for building its SUVs, mid-sized trucks, and a pickup truck line that serves a joint venture with General Motors.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Manufacturing execution system (MES) for automotive manufacturing
  • Implemented for press processing and resin molding
  • Improved efficiency and schedule adherence
  • Downtime is unacceptable; operations depend on MES


  • Stratus ftServer systems running Microsoft® Windows® Server® operating system
  • MCFrame/AEParts by Toyo Business Engineering


  • QUALICA Inc.

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