Case study

Keeping Belgian railways operational and safe – Infrabel and Siemens

Keeping commuters safe and on time is crucial for railways all over the world. A signal, level crossing or track change failing could cost lives. All railways’ infrastructures need to be maintained and sometimes upgraded. Allowing any downtime whatsoever could cost more than just money. Railways need uptime assurance.

Together, Infrabel (the manager of the Belgian railway infrastructure), Siemens (who provide the application and platform support to Infrabel), and Stratus Technologies project manage the upgrade of Belgium’s entire railway network to state-of-the-art technology bringing planned downtime levels to within one hour per location.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Upgrade of complete operation and control system for Belgian railway infrastructure
  • Siemens project management ensured each server upgraded within one hour with zero downtime


  • 31 x Stratus® V Series servers
  • 31 x operation and control systems, custom built by Siemens
  • 62 x UPS

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