Case study

Airport Emergency CAD System Gets Availability ReVamp With ftServer: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Always-on availability for CAD enables police, fire and emergency response at the world’s busiest airport

More passengers travel through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport than any other on the planet. Not only has Hartsfield-Jackson been number one in passengers for many years, but has also become the busiest in landings and takeoffs. Read on to see why the busiest airport in the world needs a continuously available emergency CAD system. 

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Enables computer aided dispatch of police and re units stationed at airport
  • Serves the busiest airport in the world
  • Provides centralized point of contact for 4,700 acre airport campus
  • Integrates with the city’s CAD system
  • Assures always-on availability with Stratus® ftServer® system


  • Stratus ftServer system
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (RESPONSE CAD) software
  • Microsoft® Windows Server®
  • SQL Server® database software