Case study

How VMware & ftServer Stopped Downtime | DisChem

National South African pharmaceutical group relies on Stratus to ensure dispensary and POS solutions are always-on

Established in 1978, Dis-Chem started out as a small pharmacy in Mondeor, South of Johannesburg. Today, with close to 100 stores across the country, Dis-Chem is still privately owned and run by the original founders.

Over the years the Dis-Chem Group had actively sought to replicate the same model across all their stores. Each store’s IT infrastructure provides payment and loyalty point functionality, administrative applications, inventory management, script verification, and storage.

Dis-Chem attempted to build a cluster solution for availability with individual servers and software applications in each store designed to support necessary functionality. However, this infrastructure was by no means ideal because if one of the servers failed, it could potentially bring down the entire store.

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