Why Choose ftServer Over a Cluster System: Alunorf Case Study

Stratus® ftServer® secures production process

When the IT system for Alunorf, the world’s largest aluminium rolling and casting plant, was discontinued a few years ago, the organization set out to and a replacement system. The management and control of both its pit and pusher furnaces were dependent upon it. After considering a cluster system, Alunorf eventually chose a system built on fault-tolerant servers from Stratus Technologies.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Supports manufacturing operations of Alunorf, the world’s largest aluminium rolling and casting plant
  • Ensures always-on availability of area control system to meet health and safety requirements in hot rolling mill
  • Eliminates need for complex, costly clustering solutions
  • Allows non-disruptive system maintenance and repair to ensure 24/7/365 operations, with zero downtime in six years


  • Stratus ftServer for the management and control of critical pit and pusher furnaces

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