Efficient, cost-effective solutions for dependable oil and gas transmission

The global oil and gas industry is currently in a cycle of constrained economics driven by price pressure and yet it faces increased regulation. The challenge is driving efficiencies to control costs in the face of this increasing oversight, in a sustainable way. Automation systems are a key area where investment can generate rapid returns through a variety of optimisations. However, whether you’re a gathering company, a pipeline transmission company or a local gas company – when your operational systems fail, you are exposed to safety threats, compliance violations, inaccurate balancing and a host of other issues. These disruptions can have major economic, safety and societal impacts when something goes wrong.


If I had to give three words to describe our Stratus experience, they would be reliability, configurability and sustainability

Steve AdamsLead Automation Electrical Engineer, Columbia Pipeline Group

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Conventional servers don’t solve the problem

The supervisory and operational layers of an oil and gas process control system are the most critical areas of maintaining efficient and cost effective operation. Failure of these systems, for even short periods of unplanned downtime, creates a whole host of problems with resulting economic, regulatory and even life threatening impacts. Many oil and gas companies have tried but failed to solve these problems with conventional servers running critical applications such as SCADA and Historian in multiple locations. Downtime problems continually plague this approach and it doesn’t scale.

The proven solution is a virtualised platform that is always on. Virtualisation allows you to run more applications on one platform. Instead of a 1:1 server to application ratio, virtualisation supports a one to many server to application ratio saving you money in infrastructure costs. But the more applications you have running on any one platform, the more important that platform becomes. That’s why virtualisation on its own isn’t enough. The virtualised platform needs to be fully protected from downtime.

Dedicated availability solutions for oil and gas

Stratus is the modern, proven and reliable choice for oil and gas providers to deliver a complete always-on oil and gas pipeline system with a solution that is cost effective and delivers the efficiencies oil and gas companies demand today.

With simple installation, a heritage of providing continuous availability, ease of service and a lifespan aligned with the needs of operational systems, Stratus solutions provide a holistic approach to delivering remote, virtualised applications without data loss, or the need for on-site IT expertise.

When combined with virtualisation expertise, operational system knowledge, strong partnerships with leading providers such as Wonderware, GE Digital and Rockwell Automation, and an understanding of the increasing importance of emerging capabilities (such as analytics) driven by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the result is cost-effective deployment, increased efficiency and the returns demanded by today’s economic environment.

Oil & gas resources

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