Fault Tolerance Server

The basics

Fault-tolerant solutions are often described as providing continuous availability because they are designed to prevent downtime from happening in the first place

Virtualisation comes with challenges

When virtualising critical applications, it is important to understand that you need to protect your server assets, as moving everything to a single virtualised platform means that everything fails if the platform fails. There are various strategies to prevent this, but it is important to ensure that you don’t swap the complexity of a single server per application for a complex failure recovery mechanism in a virtualised environment.

Fault-tolerant software solution

Fault-tolerant platforms are a key way to avoid this complexity, delivering simplicity and reliability in virtualised implementations, eliminating unplanned downtime and preventing data loss – a critical element in many automation environments, and essential for IIoT analytics.

Fault-tolerant software and hardware solutions provide at least five nines of availability – 99.999+% – for minimal unplanned downtime of between two and a half and five and a quarter minutes per year. While fault-tolerant hardware and software solutions both provide extremely high levels of availability, there is a trade-off: fault-tolerant servers achieve high availability with a minimal amount of system overhead to deliver a superior level of performance, while fault-tolerant software can be run on industry-standard servers your organisation may already have in place.

Recovery is not prevention

It is important to note that disaster recovery should not be confused with fault-tolerance. DR provides geographic redundancy in case of catastrophic failures, but will not prevent some downtime of data loss. In fact, fault-tolerance and DR are complementary and they are often implemented together.

The Stratus approach

Stratus has been perfecting fault-tolerance and high availability solutions for over 30 years.  We first addressed the challenge of delivering the highest level of computing availability with proprietary hardware.  For today’s world of distributed computing we have evolved our offerings to a suite of solutions, including hardware and software with a range of levels of availability from fault-tolerance to high availability. These solutions require no changes to your existing applications, are quick and easy to deploy – perfect for edge computing – with little to no IT assistance needed and we have more than one solution that could work for your requirements.