Preventing application downtime using platform, software and cloud availability solutions

Continuous availability – now a global requirement – touches every part of our lives. And the need for always-on applications has become more pervasive across all market sectors.  But what’s driving this demand? Besides the obvious expansion of users, environments, devices and a global economy, organisations constantly struggle to increase revenue and reduce costs, comply with regulations, mitigate disaster and plan for business continuity. All these factors contribute to an increasing demand for reliable, continuous availability of the most critical applications, with no tolerance for intermittent service disruptions and associated lost revenue.

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[PDF] The True Costs of Critical Application Downtime
[Infographic] Application Availability & Downtime Cost Comparison: Best-in-Class, Average, & Laggard

Stratus has answered this demand with availability solutions – platforms, software and cloud – that ensure always-on applications.  We have a number of solutions that allow IT infrastructures to prevent downtime and deliver the right level of availability for their business at the right time.

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High availability and fault tolerance

Two very common levels sought out by IT managers are fault tolerance and high availability.  Stratus has been perfecting these solutions for over 30 years.  We first addressed the challenge of delivering the highest level of computing availability with proprietary hardware.  For today’s world of distributed computing we have evolved our offerings to a suite of software solutions, and you’ll find that our solutions provide a range of levels of availability from fault tolerance to high availability, and can also include disaster recovery for virtually any infrastructure.  These solutions require no changes to your existing applications, are quick and easy to deploy – perfect for edge computing – with little to no IT assistance needed, and we have more than one solution that could work for your requirements.

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