everRun Enterprise Service Offerings

Stratus offers a full range of world-wide services for everRun Enterprise consisting of Support, Professional, Managed and Educational Services.

With the highest customer attach rate in the industry, and a three time winner of the Omega Management Group NorthFace Scoreboard Award, which recognizes organizations who not only offer exemplary service to their customers, but who also center their very existence on a deep commitment to being customer centric, our reputation speaks for itself.

Support Services

Preventing your most important applications from downtime is what Stratus does best. That’s why we built support right into everRun Enterprise. Our software solutions monitor your x86 server pair, host software and network for more than 150 critical operating conditions. If a fault is detected, applications are automatically migrated to the other node — without any impact to performance or loss of data. In the event of a potential problem, your system will self-heal, ask for remote analysis, or utilize our architecture’s fault-tolerant features to eliminate failing nodes without interruption.

Access to software advice on critical issues is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every Stratus service engineer is a highly skilled expert dedicated to sustaining 24/7 availability. Other benefits of everRun Enterprise software support include a software update subscription, system generated alerts, secure remote access and 24/7 web-based support portal access. Service contract terms are available for one, two or three years. When always-on availability is critical, Stratus everRun Enterprise support services deliver.

Support Service Component Service Level
Access to software advice 24/7
Initial response time to critical problems 60 minutes
Access to availability engineers to address critical problems 24/7
Web based support portal access 24/7
Software update subscription 24/7
Integrated call home support Included
Secure remote access Included
Knowledge base Internet bi-directional, GoToAssist, WebEx, TeamViewer
Contract term 1 or 3 years

Service Level Agreements

Stratus has four designated severity levels and associated response times that are assigned to support issues. Customers are empowered to declare the severity level of all support incidents. For system generated issues, the severity level of the issue is pre-assigned based on the issue type. Monitoring and diagnostics are active 24/7, not just after an event has caused a problem. This is the key to our ability to assure the availability of applications you rely on to support your most critical business processes.

everRun Enterprise Service Level Agreement

Security Level Definition Initial Stratus Response Time
Critical A condition whereby the everRun Enterprise software is substantially inoperable in a production instance with a high impact to a majority of all users of the site. 1 Hour 7×24
Serious A condition whereby a substantial everRun Enterprise Software feature noted in the documentation is not working or a substantial everRun Enterprise Software-related performance problem exists which causes the everRun Enterprise Software to perform poorly, impacting many or all users. 4 Hours, During Local Business Day
Moderate A condition where by the everRun Enterprise Software malfunctions in a deviation from the documentation but the user operation is substantially impacted. 1 Local Business Day
Minor A Condition whereby a cosmetic everRun Enterprise Software or documentation error exists and user operation is not substantially impacted. Also appropriate for everRun Enterprise Software enhancement requests. 1 Local Business Day

“Initial Response Time” is defined as acknowledgement of receipt of a problem.

“Local Business Day” is defined as 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, excluding Stratus observed holidays.


Core everRun Enterprise Edition modules that are included in a standard Stratus software support agreement include the Availability Engine, the Stratus OneView Console and the Watchdog Service. everRun Enterprise Edition modules that require supplemental software support services include SplitSite, Disaster Recovery, and Application Monitoring.


Professional Services

Stratus’s Professional Services team provides customized solutions for our partners and customers. We specialize in system planning and performance, implementations, migrations and conversions targeted at continuous or high availability application environments. We also specialize in security, PCI compliance, business continuity and custom software development in a variety of application settings. For partners, these capabilities are designed to supplement your existing professional services offerings with customized solutions that address your client’s unique business requirements.

Managed Services

Stratus’ Managed Services provide the operational support customers need to attain continuous availability of critical IT operations. Aligned with ITIL® and based on proven best practices, Stratus offers in-depth experience with diverse operating environments and multi-vendor infrastructures. Most importantly, we tailor every managed services engagement to fit your unique business processes. That means no pre-conceived frameworks or one-size-fits-all constraints.

Managed Services offerings include:

System Administration Application Management Security Management
Console Operations Storage Management Capacity Management
Performance Management Disaster Recovery Support Middleware Management
Hardware Management Change Management Database Management
Backup/Recovery Management Project Management Virtualization Support
Incident/Problem Management Migration Support Detailed Reporting

Educational Services

Stratus’ Educational Services provide partners and customers with a variety of learning opportunities to enable them to become experts in configuring their environment to prevent downtime of critical systems and applications. With decades of experience in all sorts of industries and organizations, we’re ready to pass along our expertise and help you make the best of your resources. Below is a list of everRun Enterprise technical training courses by track. The Stratus Sales Professional and Stratus Pre-sales Professional courses are delivered via the web. The Stratus Certified Implementation Specialist and Stratus Certified Support Specialist tracks are delivered via instructor-led courses with integrated hands-on labs.

Track Modules

For partners that choose to become certified, courses outlined with a solid line are required, and courses with a dotted line are optional.

Stratus’ Educational Services provide a wide range of everRun Enterprise technical Training Courses.

Course Name Description
everRun Enterprise Technical Overview Provides a Product introduction, technical overview of features, terminology and theory of operation.
Site Preparation and Installation Provides instruction on system selection, system configuration, product installation, cabling, license activation, upgrades/migration, power management (UPS) and design considerations for maximizing system performance
System and Stratus OneView Administration Provides instruction on basic system administration, how to diagnose issues using the system console, how to backup/restore VMs and Stratus OneView console
SplitSite Planning and Installation Provides instruction on SplitSite configuration, best practices (cabling, ect.), network latency considerations and quorum setup
DR Installation and Configuration Provides instruction on disaster recovery setup and configuration.
Service Provider Essentials Provides instruction on how to use the KB, support portal, initiate support escalations to Stratus, communication with Stratus, diagnostics file generation and methods for uploading diagnostic files and crash dumps to Stratus.
Service Provider Advanced Provides instruction on theory of operation (terms: AX, DGS, TOS), fault handling, analyzing alarms, networking (protocols, network issue diagnosis) Storage (create mirror copy), CLI and scripting, integrating SNMP into existing management frameworks