What Does Stratus Technologies do for Rockwell Automation Customers?

For over 30 years Stratus has focused on developing technologies that keep critical applications running 24/7 — without interruption. Stratus delivers a range of solutions that includes fault-rockwelltolerant servers, high-availability (HA) software and 24/7 support services. As a Global Encompass partner, Stratus delivers continuous uptime for Rockwell Automation customers running FactoryTalk® View SE, FactoryTalk Historian, FactoryTalk ProductionCentre, and other critical plant applications.

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Rockwell Automation and Stratus

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Our solutions support a range of environments physical, virtual or cloud on plant floors or in datacenters.

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Easy to deploy & manage, our products require no modifications to MES, SCADA, Historian or other plant applications.

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SMBs and Global Manufacturing companies alike rely on Stratus to keep them up and running everyday.

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Companies in all industries have applications that benefit from eliminating unplanned downtime. Segments running critical processes, or those governed by stringent regulatory requirements, have an even stronger need to ensure application high availability and data integrity. Stratus has a strong presence in these industries which include: manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, life science, mill/mining, and automotive.

VIDEO: Automation Fair 2016

Frank Hill from Stratus Technologies shows the ftServer fault-tolerant server and how its infrastructure maintains reliability in both the plant environment and remote locations in support of the IIoT and The Connected Enterprise. Fault-tolerant services use virtualization for 24/7 monitoring, and is maintainable by non-IT personnel.

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