Solution Partners

The list below represents key partners who bring additional solutions or services to the always-on performance that Stratus provides.

Solution Partners

Sightline Systems solutions provide real-time operations intelligence focused on analytics, root cause analysis, performance management, correlation of data and predictive analysis from any source — critical IT systems including mainframes, applications, storage, databases — down to the process level. Sightline provides interactive tools to help you connect the dots across your entire system. Whether you are looking to quickly get to the root of an existing issue or want to use data over time to optimize your systems, the Sightline Solution Suite will help you access faster, more accurate insights and will provide you with more opportunities to get better results. The Sightline Software Suite can make use of any real time data, independent of the platform, network, or application from which it originated, including data from external partners both inside and outside your firewall.

Sightline Assure® is an integrated solution enhancing the ability to monitor the entire ftServer or everRun system stacks; from the hardware to the guest OS and applications. It continuously collects, analyzes and monitors physical and virtual system resources and performs hundreds of ongoing CPU, disk space, memory and network usage checks. The status of the hardware, operating systems, software applications and remote devices needed to keep the entire solution running at all times is delivered through a single unified view.

Sightline Assure delivers full visibility across the entire infrastructure, enabling continuous monitoring in order to predict performance issues in advance, and prevent unplanned downtime and data loss.

Free trials of Sightline Assure are available for ftServer and everRun.

Learn more about how we’ve partnered with Sightline to round out our everRun Solution with Application Monitoring.

Transaction Design

Transaction Design, Inc. (TDI) is a consulting firm specializing in computer security and capacity and performance management studies. Formed in 1990, Transaction Design assists corporate clients worldwide by providing security software and information for managing their critical systems for trouble-free, uninterrupted processing.

TDI’s professional staff has specialized expertise in the Stratus VOS and HP NonStop (Tandem) architectures.  We have been key contributors to implementations in wholesale and retail banking, retail payments and loyalty systems, manufacturing and distribution, and the securities industry. We work with the popular mid-range architectures, including Windows and UNIX.