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Implementing PCI Standards on VOS (LTS/OnGuard) Technical Webinar

11.1.2011Availability, securityBy: Industry regulations have changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, and HIPAA have put in place requirements for much tighter security and control of computer environments than ever before. The consequences of losing control of one’s data can be disastrous. Just look at today’s headlines.

We are hosting a webinar Wednesday, November 16th at 10 a.m. to cover these issues and better prepare you for changes. This seminar will describe how the LTS/OnGuard security software helps secure and audit the Stratus VOS environment in accordance with today’s regulations. LTS/OnGuard has helped worldwide banks and other institutions control and audit the security of their systems. The seminar will show how LTS/OnGuard helps bring the VOS environment into compliance with corporate security standards and industry regulations.


Jon E. Schmidt is the president and founder of Transaction Design, Inc. (TDI), a consulting firm located in the San Francisco Area with clients worldwide. He has been working with VOS since 1983 and founded TDI in 1990. He is an expert in VOS security implementation and has an extensive background in the implementation, testing, securing, and tuning of high-availability systems.


Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Time: 10:00 am, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)

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Porting Open Source Software to OpenVOS Technical Webinar

9.19.2011Programming, Service, UptimeBy: paul green

Details: Paul Green will give an overview of the steps that you can follow to port open-source code to the Stratus OpenVOS operating system. He will review the OpenVOS POSIX environment, explain how to find and download open-source packages, discuss the process for building and installing open-source code, and review some of the common issues that often arise. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions. Attendees should be familiar with VOS or OpenVOS and have a basic knowledge of the UNIX/Linux/POSIX programming environment.

Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time: 10:00AM ET

Speaker: Paul Green is a Senior Technical Consultant in the VOS Group at Stratus Technologies. Paul has over 30 years of experience at Stratus and is one of the original software engineers that created VOS. Paul earned a BSEE from MIT in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Software Engineering.


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Watch our Second Generation ftScalable Storage Technical Webinar

6.16.2011Availability, security, UptimeBy: Watch the video, then head over to the forum to ask questions or leave your impressions!

Second Generation ftScalable Storage Webinar

6.3.2011Availability, Service, UptimeBy: The third webinar in the technical webinar series will cover the latest Stratus external storage offering, ftScalable storage G2. This next generation product provides advances in availability, scalability, price performance, and energy efficiency. Emphasis will be placed on Stratus value-add that provides numerous improvements in availability and serviceability. Topics covered will include architectural comparison to previous version, hardware improvements, firmware improvements, and performance. Register for free here.

V Series platform/OpenVOS 17.1 and Kona for OpenVOS Technical Seminar

5.19.2011ProgrammingBy: Watch a technical training seminar about the recently announced fourth generation V Series platform/OpenVOS 17.1 and Kona for OpenVOS. This session will explore the new V Series hardware platforms as well as new feature now in OpenVOS 17.1 including KONA, an implementation of the Java programming language on OpenVOS. Kona is based on the Oracle OpenJDK.

Fourth generation V Series/OpenVOS 17.1 technical seminar

5.11.2011AvailabilityBy: You are invited to attend a technical training seminar about the recently announced fourth generation V Series platform/OpenVOS 17.1 and Kona for OpenVOS. This session will explore the new V Series hardware platforms as well as new feature now in OpenVOS 17.1 including KONA, an implementation of the Java programming language on OpenVOS. Kona is based on the Oracle OpenJDK.
Wednesday May 18th, 10:00am – 11:00am ET
If you would like to attend please register at the Stratus Events page on or click on the following link: V4G and OpenVOS 17.1 and Kona for OpenVOS Webinar, part 1 of the “Stratus Seminar Series.”

Stratus announces OpenVOS 17.1 and fourth generation V Series platforms

5.10.2011Availability, Programming, UptimeBy: MAYNARD, Mass, May 10, 2011 – A journey that began nearly 30 years ago continues today for many Stratus customers with the release of Stratus OpenVOS 17.1, arguably the world’s most reliable operating system for running mission-critical applications. The key feature of the new release is Stratus’ implementation of the Java development language, named Kona for OpenVOS 1.0. Accompanying the software release is the launch of the fourth-generation ftServer V Series family of Intel Xeon-processor-based servers for OpenVOS applications.

 VOS was originally released in 1982. While most of its contemporaries have fallen out of use, VOS-based applications are running today in securities trading, electronic card processing and authorization, manufacturing, gaming, telecommunications and other industries. Its reliability and Stratus’ dedication to staying abreast of new technology ensure VOS’ place of prominence in data centers around the world.

 “The VOS operating system is very much alive and well and running the highest value, most critical business applications for Stratus customers around the world,” said Stratus Chief Marketing Officer Roy Sanford. “If anyone needs to ask what sort of company Stratus is, whether it can always be relied on without exception, they need only look at VOS for their answer. Stratus’ position as the industry’s uptime assurance leader is very much wrapped up with its evolution and all that it has engendered.”

 The new Kona for OpenVOS is based on Oracle’s OpenJDK. This powerful programming language further demonstrates Stratus’ commitment to providing open programming languages and tools for OpenVOS. Kona is provided with all OpenVOS 17.1 systems at no additional cost, and there is no service maintenance fee.

 Also new in OpenVOS 17.1 is support for Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLL). This feature allows OpenVOS programmers to use shared program libraries at runtime. In conjunction, Stratus is also changing a number of Open Source layered products to adopt this shared programming model. Coincident with the OpenVOS 17.1 release, Apache with PHP and MySQL are being released using DLL in place of static-built executables. These programs have also been updated to the latest code base.

 V Series with Quad Core

With OpenVOS 17.1, Stratus Technologies announced the V2204, V4408, and V6408 ftServer V Series fault-tolerant servers. These are rack-optimized, enterprise-class 4-core or 8-core SMP servers based on Intel Xeon quad-core 2.00GHz and 2.93GHz processors, depending on the model. Designed for data center environments that require maximum computing power for complex business-critical applications, the new models deliver significantly improved performance compared to the previous generation; the high-end V6408, for example, runs 26 percent faster than the predecessor V6308 system.

 The new server family comes standard with OpenVOS version 17.1. OpenVOS 17.1 is a unified release of VOS that will be factory-installed on all four generations of V Series hardware; first generation (1G) – V100, V200, V400; second generation (2G) – V150, V250, V300, V500; third generation (3G) – V2302, V4304, V6308; and now the fourth generation (4G) – V2404, V4408, and V6408.

 All software and hardware products are available for immediate order.

Final version of ftScalable Best Practices White Paper

5.10.2011Availability, UptimeBy: The final version of the “Best Practices for Configuring ftScalable Storage Arrays on OpenVOS Systems” is now available. It is posted on this blog and may also be found on the White Paper section of the Stratus Library.

ftScalable on OpenVOS Best Practices

Apache Web Server with PHP and MySQL for OpenVOS

4.21.2010ProgrammingBy: I thought you might be interested to know that Stratus has updated our VOS Apache release to a newer code base. While we had the port open we added support for PHP. That new product is called Apache Web Server with PHP Release 3.0 for OpenVOS. Stratus has also ported MySQL Community Server Edition, Version 5.0.75 to OpenVOS. That product is formally known as MySQL Release 1.0 for OpenVOS. For more information about either of these products please contact your Stratus Account Executive or Systems Engineer.