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Sage advice from a graybeard!

3.12.2015Advice, ProgrammingBy: I came across an article on, by Peter Wayner, titled “7 Timeless Lessons of Programming ‘graybeards’”. Since I’m something of a graybeard myself, I read it. Peter discusses several insights that young software engineers might not know, but would do well to learn. Even us old-timers need a refresher now and then.…

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Using a File-based Sharable Address Space

3.11.2015UncategorizedBy:   VM regions are often used as sharable address spaces in VOS applications. This is a very efficient way of allowing multiple processes to access the same set of addresses. The main disadvantage is that the space is restricted to well under 2 GB due to VOS’s virtual memory limits,…

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Using 64-bit Stream Files

3.4.2015UncategorizedBy:   VOS stream files are limited in growth to about 2 GB. This is because the definition of interfaces such as s$seq_position, s$get_port_status, s$lock_region, etc. use signed 32-bit variables to indicate position in the file and 2**31 is the largest possible value which can be represented. In stream files, position…

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Considering an “atomic clock”?

7.4.2014AvailabilityBy: Recently, a customer wrote to Stratus Customer Service to ask whether we could recommend an “atomic clock” for use with his OpenVOS system. It seems that this customer does not have access to an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server, and so wanted to use a stand-alone equivalent. In theory, any…

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New password encryption algorithms are coming!

6.24.2014AvailabilityBy: Starting in OpenVOS Release 18.0, VOS System Administrators will be able to select one of 3 new password encryption algorithms. This post provides an overview of these changes.

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Security Updates for Open-Source Software

6.20.2014AvailabilityBy: I was recently asked why Stratus was not providing security updates for customers running OpenSSL on releases of VOS prior to 17.0, when we are still providing updates to customers running OpenSSL on VOS 14.7 on Continuum. On the face of it, this seems like an inconsistent policy. Since OpenSSL is one of the most security-sensitive products that we offer for the VOS operating system, it is important to understand how we manage it.

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Using a modern copier as a line printer

8.23.2013AvailabilityBy: Does your office have a modern photocopier? One that accepts output via TCP/IP? If so, you can probably configure the OpenVOS spooler to send files to it. Here’s how.

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How much disk storage can a single VOS module handle?

8.15.2013AvailabilityBy: Today, a customer asked me how much disk storage a single VOS module can address. Here is my response. The per-disk (actually, per LUN) storage limit for all V Series releases is 8.7 TB. A single VOS module supports a maximum of 256 LUNs. Therefore, the VOS software limit for…

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Fix the algorithm before you fix the code

7.29.2013AvailabilityBy: When you are fixing bugs in existing code, it is easy to fall into the habit of finding the “mistake” in the code and adjusting the code to avoid the mistake. But if the root cause of the problem was a design error, or a problem with the algorithm, then…

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Potential enhancements to OpenVOS

7.19.2013AvailabilityBy: Here is a short list of useful enhancements to OpenVOS that have been suggested by our customers. I’m interested in learning which of these ideas you think would be the most useful to you and your organization. I can’t promise that we will implement any of them, but knowing the…

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