Always On for Cloud Computing

Always-on availability, simple and adjustable resource management with secure and low cost application integration are essential for IT services that perform real-time transactions, data management and collaborative efforts across private cloud networks.

With cloud computing, downtime or data loss can quickly cripple workflow and impose substantial costs – from time and money spent on repairs and lapses in productivity, to the inability to meet service levels and compliance mandates.  We are currently conducting a beta program for infrastructure management solution we’ve developed to ensure the reliability of applications in the cloud by dynamically matching availability to infrastructure resources.

When you combine Stratus’ Cloud Workload Services running on reliable hardware with applications from leading partners you’ll have always-on availability throughout your cloud infrastructure enabling you to:

  • Protect on-demand cloud environments from failure, data loss and IT complexity
  • Leverage automatic features that facilitate rapid deployment, ease-of-use and on line manageability and serviceability
  • Implement highly automated, highly available cloud solutions that are easy to install, use and manage
  • Prevent the loss of critical data
  • Raise the bar for the highest levels of availability, operational efficiency and cost containment in cloud environments

We are running a beta program leveraging our solutions to address availability in cloud infrastructures.  Stratus Cloud Workload Services for OpenStack leverages software defined availability to match infrastructure to applications quickly and easily saving you time and money.

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