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stratus culture videoAt Stratus you’ll find a collaborative, passionate environment that is fueled by creativity

Watch the video to the right to hear what some of the team have to say about what working at Stratus has meant to their career, learning experience and more. Then scroll down the page to read more about life at Stratus from other members of the team.


Technology is a new industry for me. I’ve learned so much in the last 7 months. It’s very important for me to believe in the products I support – Stratus has fantastic products. Morale on my team is great; we’re excited about launching new products this year, and we know there’s a lot riding on us delivering… we’re up for the challenge! We have fun, we’re focused… we have a great sense of community, as well as the support and resources we need to make things happen.

DIANE  |  Marketing Programs Specialist
With Stratus For 7 Months

The stratus culture testimonial

Stratus is the leader in the fault tolerant space, and my role allows me to collaborate with thought leaders within major organizations. For me, it’s about leading-edge technology and creating things that are not being done elsewhere. As the industry evolves and moves to the cloud, software, and virtualization, we are leveraging our technology to enter new markets. It’s exciting and challenging and we’re thinking about availability for critical business applications in a whole new way.

DARA  |  VP, Engineering
With Stratus For 16 Years

The stratus culture testimonial

I joined Stratus because of their products and reputation in the market. I especially like that my role allows me to interact with both internal and external customers. Being new to the team, I‘m encouraged to offer different perspectives. Stratus fits my overall life, providing flexibility that is a must for me as a working parent. What is really great about Stratus?… the people, and the dedication I see everyday to providing our customers the best possible service.

JONI  |  Senior Buyer
With Stratus For 1 Year

The stratus culture testimonial

Stratus provides a great work-life balance, and a supportive, informal atmosphere. I feel I can go to anyone for help. Stratus cares about us as people; we’re not just a number. If I have an opinion, I know I can voice it, and that it’s valued… that’s rare!

CAROLYN  |  Order Administrator
With Stratus for 7 Months

The stratus culture testimonial

At Stratus I have the opportunity to experiment and learn new technologies while developing market leading software products. What keeps me motivated? … our team works together toward a common goal, and I’m continuously challenged and learning something new every day. It’s really exciting to be part of the next phase of Stratus’ growth.

ANEESH  |  Software Engineer
With Stratus for 2 Months


The stratus culture testimonial

I joined Stratus as part of an acquisition and really enjoy working on the everRun product. My role is challenging and evolving, and offers me the career growth I’m looking for – I feel supported, and have the resources I need to contribute and be effective. I especially love the flexible work schedule and the opportunity to work with great people and customers.

JOE  |  Software Support Engineer
With Stratus for 19 Months